A little help from our Friends

By Jon Parker,
21 December 2013.

A little help from our Friends

Hi Everyone.

Mark has been helping me again today and we made sure all of the colonies across the business are fully prepared for Winter. Every Nucleus was given 1.5 kg of fondant as an insurance policy against continued good weather. The Sun was out earlier in the day and it was a joy to work with the bees once more.

We spent the evening preparing a Christmas hamper for one of our farmers who planted acres of Phacelia last Summer, at his own expense, to give excellent nutrition to the mating apiary colonies. It is help from farmers like Chris that will make the difference in the future as the bee crisis continues. Colony losses are going to be the main indicator this Spring and if we can get by with less than 25% losses we will be grateful but that will only indicate the start of any improvement.

On a training note we invested in a briefing system which will allow us to present any lecture or talk, from any device, anywhere. It is both web enabled and stand alone and adaptable on-the-fly. This will enable us to get our message across without the audience being subjected to turgid Powerpoint bullets. Training delivery and training quality will be the watchwords of our business and the proof of our success will be hearing about our students’ successes. We really cannot wait to roll out our advanced training packages and begin producing beautifully docile bees we all wish to keep.

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