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  • I have been asked recently to give advice about beekeeping mantras. As effective decision making is the most important discipline in beekeeping, my mantra would naturally focus on that.

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  • Post Christmas Winds

    Post Christmas Winds

    27 December 2013

    Following the weather forecast this morning we will be going to the apiaries this afternoon to make sure everything is still secure.

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  • We spent the evening preparing a Christmas hamper for one of our farmers who planted acres of Phacelia last Summer, at his own expense, to give excellent nutrition to the mating apiary colonies.

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  • Getting Ready for 2014

    Getting Ready for 2014

    20 December 2013

    Our plans for this coming year include designing improved course-ware for Queen-rearing courses, experimenting with radical Queen rearing techniques and running 2 Queen colonies.

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  • We started the Winter with lots of momentum, booming healthy colonies and everything ship shape and Bristol fashion. Sadly the good mild weather has meant the bees have been flying and burning up their Winter stores.

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