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  • The New Honey Label

    The New Honey Label

    22 November 2014

    This is our new label. We think it demonstrates the quality of our products and we hope that people will appreciate the hard work that we, and the bees, have put in to create such a wonderful taste.

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  • Investment


    22 November 2014

    This is what a garden looks like with half of this year’s investment in apiaries arrives. This is the tip of the investment iceberg for 2014

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  • Reasons to be cheerful

    Reasons to be cheerful

    22 November 2014

    Our year in 2014 was characterised by poor health and family distractions which proved not to hold back a wonderful experience. Our queen production has given us a wonderful reputation for quality and the feedback we have received proves that we are on the right track.

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  • Storage Arrives

    Storage Arrives

    22 March 2014

    We recently took delivery of an ISO container to act as storage for the hives and equipment we need easy access to. As you can see we are making the right investment at the right time. The only way to succeed at beekeeping is to have a good plan, to seek the right advice and keep that plan reviewed as the bees will always drive that plan in a new direction. You must work with the bees and not to your own agenda.

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  • Winter Varroa Mite Control

    Winter Varroa Mite Control

    18 January 2014

    This post outlines our method for controlling the varroa mite in our honeybees using the fumigation of oxalic acid method. We cover the techniques and timing of a very easy to follow method.

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