By Jon Parker,
22 November 2014.


This is What Investment Looks Like

In early 2014 we bought an iso container, as seen in a previous blog. What we did not explain, was that it became the tip of an investment iceberg. We bought enough gear for 2 more apiaries and a bottling machine and honey filter and warmer from Swienty. This has allowed us to use honey as our winter income and queen bees as our summer cashflow. This secures a future in our scale of beekeeping.

The first coat

Painting the First Coat

The poly hives we get from Paynes come in an unpainted form and we have to spray the outside. This is a whole-ship evolution as they would say in the Royal Navy. Everybody is out there painting from dawn until dusk for 2 solid days. it is a huge commitment in manpower but we are sure you agree the results are astounding.

Half of this year's additional supers

Skep Making

Thanks to Leeds Beekeepers Association we attended a skep making course spanning 2 Saturdays in July. It was a welcome distraction from the hard work being undertaken mid-week. We built 2 skeps although we will only add them to our swarm catching equipment. Many thanks to the organisers for a very enjoyable course.

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