Storage Arrives

By Jon Parker,
22 March 2014.

Storage Arrives

At long last we have managed to find enough storage

We have finally taken delivery of our new container in time for the start of Summer 2014. We had been finding it increasingly difficult to react to changing situations in a timely manner. This was because we had to spend long periods driving around to gather the right equipment. We recently took the decision to support each apiary with the right kind of ready-use storage facility. We think the investment will enable us to spend more time beekeeping and less time forming human chains in order to pack the bee truck.

Storage in position....Finally!

Along with the containers we have also invested in new storage racks and 2 new apiaries worth of hives and all of the associated equipment. We are following our chosen model and making sure that our bees are supported as well as any in the UK.

Our method

We have chosen to operate all of our honey production colonies on double brood, because we have found our queens to be so prolific. This also allows us flexibility with splitting and also a quick method of checking for swarming preparations. Every production hive is supported with an ashforth style feeder, an eke, queen excluder, Demaree board, 5 supers, see-through quilt and spare brood box with foundation. You can see that when not in use this list gives us a transport issue. All of this is before we even begin to discuss our queen rearing efforts and the 55 poly nucs and mating hives.

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